This morning I woke to learn of the sad death of Muhammad Ali, one of my childhood heroes.

He is an 88 year old scientist, who became an honorary member of the European Space Agency in 1975, and in 1983 founded the Brunel Institute for Bioengineering, which is involved in biological research during weightless space-flight.

Today Professor Heinz Wolff is focussing on another daunting challenge, how affordable care can be provided in the context of increasing demand due to the ageing population and medical improvements.

First and foremost it s worth pointing out that Heinz believes there is far too much gratuitous use of technology today.

Give & Take Care is effectively a pension scheme - the GAT pension supported by the Co-operative Bank, where the contributions and returns are made in time rather than money.

The objective is to inform a European Reference Framework for Age-friendly Housing which aims to identify the key features that make homes suitable for healthy and active ageing as well as providing recommendations for a set of complementary actions at EU, national and regional level to increase the number of age-friendly or inclusive homes - both smart new build and retrofit - and urban environments across Europe.

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