A 3.5-star rating?

That s why Literary Hub, a site dedicated to book news, essays and excerpts, has launched Book Marks, which they call a Rotten Tomatoes for books, aggregating professional critics takes on new literary novels and assigning them a letter grade.

Literary Hub

Because book reviewers aren t prone to slapping a rating on their takes, Lit Hub editors — many of whom have worked as professional critics themselves — assign the reviews letter grades.

I think books are an extremely important part of our culture, and I think professional critics are people who devote their lives to engaging with books in a substantive way, Hunter said, explaining why Lit Hub embarked on the project.

A book reviewer has a responsibility to talk about a book s worth within the context of its peers and the history of its genre and the works of other authors that are tackling similar subjects.

Further complaints, most recently slung by Bookslut founder Jessa Crisipin, center on the perceived nepotism of book reviewing.

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