All those tedious people on the internet who are really into politics are really into politics again, this time over something to do with blocking up the Channel Tunnel and making all the people who came here because it used to be a nice country go away again.

And it's already gone wrong thanks to the internet, with MPs claiming a crashing voter registration site could marginally impact upon The Decision.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has said that the endless gateway timeout errors suffered by people who left it to the very last minute to register to vote for a thrill has made the process a "shambles," with possible future action by people who were unable to register in time perhaps leading to some "uncertainty" over the results.

That's some exciting political shit going down right there.

The government says we've all gone so voting mad that "unprecedented demand" for the official registration site on Tuesday -- the last day for your golden ticket to have an opinion about foreign people without getting into trouble -- caused the gateway errors, with some 500,000 people trying to sign up during the day.

The voter registration site is up and running again today, although you've missed the exciting EU one everyone's going on about.

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