Garda need 5 years to tackle it... and the help of the FBI

As part of its new five year plan, the Garda Síochána will up its efforts to tackle cyber crime after a lack of investment in technology and resources has led to a widely reported back-log of cases .

It works to detect crimes such as computer-related fraud, online paedophilia, and illegal trading over the DarkNet .

According to the Garda, specialist cyber security units "will be set up to liaise with international partners on current and emerging threats, and to provide cyber and forensic tools to support front line policing and State security."

On cyber crime, we will expand our capabilities in this area through training with academic partners, increased investment in technology and people, and regionalisation of the Computer Crime Investigation Unit.

The CCIU is now being "restructured", which will see the appointment of a superintendent and two detective inspectors – one to look after cyber crime while the other is responsible for the forensic examination of computers.

Garda commissioner Nóirín O Sullivan said: The next five years will see An Garda Síochána become a 21st Century police and security service the people of our country can be proud of and our people can be proud to serve in.

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