You are, statistically speaking, not the best video gamer in the world, but a new service wants to help you get closer to the top.Gamer Sensei is an esports platform that wants to connect ambitious players with knowledgeable coaches.

Gamer Sensei plans to use this cash to increase its team in an effort to ensure its platform meets the expectations of a demanding esports community that is worth more than $800 million in revenue just from events and tournaments.Pro gaming is growing rapidly, and many young people have dreams of playing League of Legends or Counter-Strike: Global Offensive at the highest levels.

Gamer Sensei is stepping into that space with a roster of coaches and partnerships with pro organizations like NRG Esports and top players like Cloud9 s Hearthstone and Starcraft II pro, StrifeCro, who has won eight tournaments and ranks 10th in career winnings for Blizzard s market-dominating card game.

It s the reason we ve already credentialed hundreds of Sensei or coaches and enlisted thousands of gamers in just two months of private alpha.

And these results would obviously improve the more the student worked with their Sensei.

If I offer an OverWatch tip — like standing on the Payload rejuvenates health — this advice may be a big realization to newer players but obvious to more experienced ones, he said.

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