Within the last two years, routers have gone from ugly boxes tucked away in shame to well-designed products, complete with a variety of new technologies and user-friendly interfaces.

Led by ambitious Kickstarter projects like Eero, Luma, and Starry, routers are having a gadget moment—and that could finally help people realise how important the little box really is.

Our home routers are now clogged with data not just from laptops, which most routers were originally designed to handle, but also smartphones, tablets, set-top boxes, smart locks, smart TVs, toasters, and even wine bottles.

The company pulled design inspiration from existing smart gadgets, like Nest, Sonos, and Amazon Echo, to settle on the hexagonal shape that makes the little device distinct, but also helps with radio propagation.

How far were they from their routers?

The Starry Station is unlike any router you ve ever seen, not only because of its triangular shape, but because of the big honking screen that Starry desperately wants you to touch.

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