But now, Tesla is facing some bad news in the form of allegations that it urged customers to sign confidentiality agreements over mechanical issues with the Model S.

Bryan Thomas, a representative from the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA , told Reuters that the agency is "examining the potential suspension issue on the Tesla Model S, and is seeking additional information from vehicle owners and the company."

The NHTSA said it learned that Tesla had entered into a troublesome nondisclosure agreement with a Model S owner who had mechanical problems with his vehicle.

Technicians said it showed an unusually high amount of wear caused by a loose, rusty ball joint.

It also stated that Tesla wouldn t be responsible for "any and all claims or damages arising out of or in any way connected with any claims or incidents leading or related to our provision of Goodwill paying half of the repair cost ."

As noted by Forbes, a Model X owner recently reported to the Better Business Bureau that Tesla canceled her registration and repossessed her new SUV when she pointed out the multiple defects in the vehicle, and then refused to refund her money unless she signed an NDA.

Breaking the agreement would have landed her with a $150,000 penalty violation fine.

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