the Goal is to contribute to creating a toxic-free everyday life, according to the financial markets Per Bolund MP .

the Proposal means that anyone who professionally manufactures or imports the electronic products that contain certain hazardous chemicals, such as brominated flame retardants, may pay the tax.

"We believe that Sweden can become a leading country and a test market for innovative products where you do not have these chemicals," he says.

For an easy mobile phone is becoming the most 18 bucks, but if the chemical content is correct, can be reduced to 1 dollar and 80 cent, according to the referral, which the government submitted to the council today.

Per Bolund says that the government could consider abolishing the tax completely for the electronic goods which do not contain any health or environmentally hazardous substances at all.

Representatives of the nine companies in the industry warns, however, that the tax either has positive effects on the environment or public health.

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