Banking giant Citigroup has trademarked "THANKYOU" and is now suing technology giant AT for how it says thanks to its own loyal customers.

This is "unlawful conduct" amounting to wanton trademark infringement, Citigroup claims in its federal lawsuit.

According to Citibank's lawsuit PDF lodged Friday in New York federal court:

For many years, Citigroup has used trademarks consisting of and/or containing the term THANKYOU, including THANKYOU, CITI THANKYOU, CITIBUSINESS THANKYOU.

This "is likely to cause consumer confusion and constitutes trademark infringement, false designation of origin, and unfair competition in violation of Citigroup's rights," the suit says.

As a result of Citigroup s longstanding, extensive, and widespread use, marketing, and promotion of its THANKYOU Marks and services, Citigroup s THANKYOU Marks are widely recognized by the general consuming public as a designation of source for Citigroup s high quality financial services and customer loyalty, reward, incentive, and redemption programs.

Citigroup wants that trademark to be rejected because it thinks that proposed trademark is "confusingly similar to Citigroup's "THANKYOU Marks," according to its lawsuit.

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