The French manufacturer has had several models that we have been very pleased with, but today revealed the news of an entirely different caliber.

The close dialogue between the design, development and production have resulted in high-end speaker series Sopra and Utopia, and it is obvious that Focal has wanted to make use of this expertise for the main speakers too.

Photo: Focal

Focal simply has the ambition to become a reference brand in the high-end headphones, and for the success of the bet they rock hard.

It's about two headphones based on a completely new design, Focal has researched exactly how sound propagates as close to the ears, and not least, what is crucial to the sound quality.

The big question of course is when they will and what they cost?

Reportedly, they show up in Sweden in mid-July and will then cost as follows:

Focal Listen: 2000 SEK

Focal Elear 11 000

Focal Utopia: 42 000

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