Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg made a surprise appearance on Facebook Live on Tuesday, opening himself up to random user questions covering a wide range of topics.

However, just when the nearly 100,000 live viewers thought the impromptu video chat was just going to be a geek-out session with Zuck, comedian Jerry Seinfeld joined the session, dressed in his familiar white dress shirt, jeans and blazer.

Zuckerberg shot the rumor down and said the site will never charge a fee.

The mostly retired Seinfeld talked about his passion project, Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, and Zuckerberg revealed his obsession with running and having run 365 miles overall , building an A.I.

Speaking of fitness, Zuckerberg also said that, even though he isn't currently wearing a cast, he broke his arm last week while riding his bike.

The live viewership topped out at around 100,000 viewers, but as of this writing, the video had more than 5.1 million views, which means Zuckerberg might want to consider making this a regularly scheduled video show, since Facebook users are clearly ready and eager to watch.

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