And what's also interesting is that it appears to have a grounding effect that prevents the motion issues that many other first-person VR games suffer from.

The pant-wetting trailer started by making reference to the infamous Kitchen demo shown at last year's E3, which involved being strapped to a chair while a zombie-woman prowled around you before jumping onto your chest.

A first-person, action-packed dogfighting spin-off from the huge and hugely complicated Eve Online MMO, Valkyrie is essentially everyone's Battlestar Galactica fantasies made real.

Besides, while Oculus players are right now playing a fairly feature-light, work-in-progress version called the Founder's Pack , the game should be finished by the time it hits PS VR, so as well as the multiplayer space battles there's expected to be a pretty substantial single-player story.

The concept is this: the year is 2050 and robots now do all of the blue collar work.

There are four jobs to do, including office worker, diner chef and mechanic, and every one I've played has been equally hilarious.

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