Computer forensics is rapidly evolving

Computer forensics is the process of investigation to identify cybersecurity breaches and data stealing.

Forensics began as a post event discipline.

Experts examine systems following successful attacks and breaches and perform the clean-up and recommend mitigation actions.

The skills required include:

- Computer forensic security

- Forensic digital evidence

- Advanced digital investigation techniques

- Information engineering

- Computer systems and network technologies

- Mathematics and statistics for computing

- Procedural programming

- Computer programming

- Computer systems security

- Cryptography and information assurance

- Software development

- Advanced legal, social, ethical and professional issues

- Computers and the law

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Computer forensics is rapidly evolving

The BA Hons course in South Wales University which offer the above says of Computer Forensics.

"Data stored on digital devices reveals what we do and where we have been.

This means that skilled professionals who can gather and interpret digital data are in high demand, and this practical course produces such professionals."

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