Even in the good old days, when families gathered in living rooms to watch TV, advertising needed to run the gauntlet to be effective: creating an opportunity to see, capturing attention, leaving a branded impression, delivering a message, and finally, changing attitudes and behavior.

According to a report from Adobe and PageFair, $21.8 billion in global ad revenues was blocked in 2015, with an estimated $10.7 billion occurring in the US alone.

While people can sometimes see the potential value of their data being used to offer them more targeted advertising, the problem is that it s not always relevant.

The research showed that many users are willing to consider not using ad-blocking software — but there have to be compelling reasons for them to do so.

Publishers must re-examine their site architecture and technology to enhance load times and ad integration and lessen clutter.

Facebook s Instant Articles, for example, seek to solve for the perceived sluggishness of some content sites, which likely drives readers away.

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