DIRTT ICEreality is used to add virtual cabinets and counters to a real stage at the construction industry trade show Neocon in Chicago.

Manufacturers of custom prefabricated elements to be built into office and other workspaces, DIRTT Environmental Solutions is the latest corporation to adopt virtual reality for the enterprise, rather than entertainment.

The company unveiled their ICEreality software this week at an annual construction industry trade show, called Neocon, in Chicago.

DIRTT wants to help architects, developers, facility managers and interior designers create eco-friendly work spaces that are stylish and fit their needs.

Skip to about 2:20

ICEreality translates the digital components of a room so they appear precisely built-to-scale in the video.

Because it s not entirely illustrated or rendered, but isn t just text and information overlaid on a video, DIRTT insists on calling their technology neither VR nor AR but mixed reality.

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