Update includes face-shaping, font matching, magic cropping and more

Face Aware Liquify detects faces in images and lets you modify expressions

Adobe is updating its Creative Cloud suite to version 2015.5 and including a new Photoshop feature which modifies facial expressions after the event.

Called Face Aware Liquify, the feature extends the existing shape-bending Liquify filter with face recognition and tools to tweak eyes, nose, mouth including smile control , cheeks and so on, in order to achieve the desired expression.

A typical use case, Adobe told press at a briefing, would be wedding photographs where someone in a group shot was not looking sufficiently joyful.

Designers will also benefit from Match Font, the ability to detect a font in a bitmap image such as a photograph, and find the closest available font so you can add your own text in the same style.

Adobe Stock, an image library introduced in Summer 2015, has several enhancements in this release.

Photographers have been exploiting tricks of light since the earliest days of the profession.

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