To help reduce those claims, which can result in higher insurance premiums for homeowners, the team behind the Roost smart smoke alarm and the Roost smart smoke-alarm battery announced on Wednesday the Roost Smart Water and Freeze Detector, a $50 sensor that will detect the presence of water, extreme temperature, and high humidity in your home.

And unlike some competing Wi-Fi leak sensors, Roost s will run on four AAA batteries instead of AC power.

And the batteries will last three to five years, sending an alert to the app when they need to be replaced.

Henry said Roost doesn t currently have any plans to integrate its devices into broader smart-home systems, which is either good news or a missed opportunity, depending on your perspective.

But not being able integrate it into a broader smart-home platform means you won t be able to have the sensor automatically adjust your thermostat to turn on your furnace if the temperature approaches freezing, or trigger a smart valve to shut off your water supply if a pipe bursts.

Fibaro recently sent us one of these units, so we ll post a review soon.

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