Searches for what happens if we leave the EU surge 250 percent two hours after polls closed

Google witnessed a 250 percent surge in searches for what happens if we leave the EU around midnight last night, two hours after polls closed in Britain s EU referendum.

The spike in traffic could be explained by leave voters unsure of their decision, or remain voters getting anxious about the result, which was to come a little over five hours later on Friday morning.


In London, a region that was one of the strongest remain camps, the most searched for term involving the referendum after polls closed was who can vote in the EU referendum , followed by when will the EU referendum result be known .

In the early hours of the morning, Google Trends said it also saw a 680 percent spike in searches for move to Gibraltar from Google users in London.

Earlier this month, Google revealed how UK citizens were looking to vote in the referendum by analysing their searches.

Google recorded the amount of people Googling for leave the EU, and stay in the EU, over seven days between May 31 and June 7, with many regions in the UK showing they were strong leave supporters.

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