Cirrus Logic has announced a development kit for hardware developers to make Lightning versions of audio hardware designed for the analog 3.5mm tip/ring/sleeve TRS or tip/ring/ring/sleeve TRRS connector, reports Apple Insider.

The development kit, named the Cirrus Logic CS42L42, is aimed at hardware developers wanting an easy way to quickly develop Lightning-native headsets.

The kit includes a reference design circuit board, suitable for embedding into an inline remote or similar, that combines a 114dB digital-to-audio converter DAC with a 35mW headphone driver, and supports microphone input.

The kit also provides a development board that has headers for logic probes, a 3.5mm audio jack for use with existing analog hardware, and remote buttons, to aid debugging and development.

As well as the hardware, it also includes a sample iOS application.

The kit is available to developers registered in Apple's MFi "Made For i-device" program.

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