Tesla says Autopilot is twice as safe as human drivers

A driver has been killed in a motorway accident while his Tesla Model S drove itself in Autopilot mode, where its computers, cameras and sensors take control of the accelerator, brakes and steering.

It is the first known death in over 130 million miles driven worldwide by the Autopilot system.

The collision occurred in Williston, Florida, on 7 May and killed the driver and owner, 40-year-old Joshua Brown, a well-known member of the Tesla community who regularly posted videos of his car and its Autopilot system to YouTube.

The US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration NHTSA has opened a preliminary investigation into Autpilot's actions in the moments before the crash.

The white colour of the truck's trailer, combined with a bright sky, meant neither the car nor driver saw the trailer until it was too late.

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