Enterprises are only just starting to incorporate content marketing as a discipline into the mix, and as a result, they re quickly realizing content must permeate the entire organization.

This applies globally just as much as it does regionally.

Yet scaling content up to a global level brings with it a host of challenges.

One large global organization asked me to help develop a global strategy, but to do so with two separate teams and in two separate client engagements that effectively bisected the globe and as a result, the strategy in two separate meridians.

I just worked with a major global non-profit to develop a content marketing strategy road map that will be applied across no fewer than 31 countries as diverse as South Sudan, Guatemala, the Philippines, the US and the UK.

Without a conscious effort at orchestration, time and money are wasted, employees become frustrated, efforts are duplicative and customer experience suffers, not to mention consistency in brand and messaging.

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