The mouse s unique radial thumb button design was allegedly built just for MOBA multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and Heroes of the Storm.

The competitive fervor around this very specific genre is insane right now, so it s not hard to see why Razer would revive the Hex, which hadn t been updated since 2012.

The Hex V2 is basically the same mouse as the Razer Naga, but it has a seven-button thumb wheel instead of a twelve-button grid.

For gamers who find the vanilla Naga intimidating or confusing, or who simply need more than two thumb buttons but less than twelve, it s a surprisingly elegant solution.

The body is both wider and taller than the original Naga Hex, or at least it feels that way, and the design and matte plastic material allow you to rest your hand on the body while pivoting your thumb to different positions on the left button wheel.

A very particular set of skills

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