Avast, one of our past favorite desktop antivirus applications, is acquiring one of it s biggest rivals, AVG Technologies, for $1.3 billion in cash.

The deal will give Avast access to hundreds of millions of devices.

In a statement made on the Avast company blog, Avast CEO Vincent Steckler said the deal will give Avast access to over 400 million devices that currently use Avast or AVG s software.

This includes 250 million PC and Mac users, and 160 million mobile users.

The actual acquirement process will take a few months, says Steckler, but you can expect positive changes for the company in the near future, especially when it comes to their threat detection efficiency.

Avast will be able to gather more threat data to improve user protection on PC, Mac, mobile, and even start branching out into Internet of things hardware.

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