Many things have sought to capture your undivided attention, but that might be the ghost of a goal in today s reality.

We re less attentive than goldfish; even our best and brightest can t focus; and we re more likely than ever to be paying less than full attention in even circumstances where distraction can be deadly.

You can debate whether they actually caused our ever-higher tendency of distraction, but modern tech products are increasingly designed to satisfy users who are quicker to get bored.

We demand no more than a few minutes for Uber car arrivals, same-day deliveries from Amazon, instant upload time of huge images on Facebook and not a single millisecond of buffering when watching a Youtube video.

Speed is a competitive advantage when it comes to apps and hardware, and cutting-edge advances turn into also-ran table stakes quickly – which means today s mercury is tomorrow s molasses.

One of the results of the trend to design user experiences that appeal to a more distracted user base is a tendency to assume that any kind of media consumption will span multiple channels at once.

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