Since late last year, I ve been hearing about Envelop VR and its plan for a Windows VR shell.

Software like Virtual Desktop, BigScreen, and even the SteamVR interface itself mirrors what s shown on the display outside of VR.

Understanding exactly how Envelop VR which closed a $5.5 million funding round at the start of the year  differs from those other solutions has been difficult … until now.Virtual Desktop and BigScreen are closely tied to your physical displays right now.

You should be able to buy dummy plugs, aka headless ghosts, that fit into your computer to trick it into seeing additional displays.

This gives you extra screens in VR to size and arrange in the space around you.

Envelop, though, breaks each individual window on the screen into something that can be individually sized and placed within your virtual environment.I installed the recently launched beta on my PC and gave it a try.

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