The arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is truly near, seeing as how all these model variants are popping up left and right, especially on benchmarking websites.

This time, we spot on Geekbench a certain SM-N930V, the usual indicator of a Verizon-bound model.

What is curious about it, however, is how it is indicated to have only 4 GB of RAM, again defying earlier leaks and expectations of a 6 GB RAM flagship.

The Galaxy Note series almost always has an edge over the nominal Galaxy S flagship line when it comes to some hardware features.

The Galaxy Note is usually the first to get newer, and therefore more experimental, hardware, like a curved edge screen, newer storage technology, or more RAM.

So it is only normal to presume that it would also get 6 GB of RAM, when other devices, especially those from China, are already flaunting that much memory.

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