If Activision s Skylanders and its many derivatives have taught the consumer tech industry anything, it s that interactive figures sell like hotcakes.

It s not exactly surprising, then, that the concept s slowly bled into other industries — Nintendo launched Amiibo, for instance, and Disney debuted the eponymous Disney Infinity.

Jooki s concept will be immediately familiar to anyone who s used an Amiibo.

It s a bright and bulbous blue-and-orange jukebox that looks sort of like an oversized lunchbox, and it ships with one plastic figurine and five flat, circular tokens — stars — with suction cups affixed to their posteriors.

In its center sits an illuminated button, and placing the aforementioned figures — a blue dolphin, yellow dog, silver night, or green alligator — atop it triggers the playback of a predefined song.

Doing the same with a token, meanwhile, starts a playlist of tunes, audio clips, albums, or radio stations.

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