To learn more and subscribe, please click here.A growing feeling of dissatisfaction with apps could be behind the deceleration in app downloads, according to mNectar CEO Wally Nguyen.Therefore, app streaming, or the ability to stream games and apps without having to download them, may soon replace the need to download apps at all.There are three primary reasons that app streaming technology has great potential to disrupt the current app market ecosystem, Nguyen told AList in a recent interview: App streaming could boost conversion and retention rates: Roughly 75% of apps downloaded are deleted within 24 hours of being installed, according to TechCrunch.

Enabling users to test out an app before they download it could mitigate this attrition rate.

At scale, that s too large a number to continue developing apps that are only going to be deleted.App streaming allows developers to track real-time engagement: App streaming allows mNectar to track real-time user engagement that developers can then use to drive actionable insights over user behavior.

This is a massive benefit to developers who can then use the data to make updates and changes to their apps to drive increased usage.mNectar is not alone in the app streaming market.

This allowed Android users to test-run apps within the search results before being redirected to the Google Play store if they chose to download the app.

This could result in users refusing to use the technology, or discouraging them from downloading the app.Cutting through the noise of an overcrowded app market is critical for any app developer looking to build a viable user base.

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