Fortunately, an increasing number of applications offer dark themes, which display text, images, and videos on top of dark backgrounds.

While the iOS operating system does have an Invert Colors option Settings General Accessibility Display Accommodations that forces apps with a light background to go dark, iOS is lacking a full-blown dark mode that keeps photos and other content looking the way it should.

Here s a list of 25 apps that currently ship with dark themes.

They re all free, unless otherwise noted.This is a simple writing app with support for Markdown formatting, Word documents, the WordPress content management system, and Dropbox sync.

It costs $3.99.This was originally the default virtual keyboard that Microsoft shipped with Windows Phones.

It s easy to overlook that the default user interface, on mobile, web, and desktop, is a dark theme.Apple has offered a dark them in its standard-issue book-reading app since 2011.

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