Former Microsoft enthusiasm battering ram Steve Ballmer is the latest tech giant to be connected to a possible acquisition of Twitter, with rumours linking Ballmer to the perpetually-for-sale social site causing its share price to rocket by seven per cent yesterday.

While he might be attracted to Twitter the business, Ballmer doesn't appear to get Twitter the product.

He's tweeted just 18 times on the new account he set up last year and is following only 24 people; a mixture of sports writers, former Microsoft buddies and... Kanye West.

He no doubt opens up his Twitter page once a week, wonders what all the fuss is about and why nothing seems to be happening, then closes it again, going back to Microsoft 140 Character Communicator 2009 Edition or whatever his chosen micro-blogging platform really is.

Would he be a Microsoft-like disaster as the owner of Twitter?

Or would the fact he has tonnes of cash be good enough to swing the deal?

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