The Xbox Scorpio release date was given a 'Holiday 2017' window at E3 2016, but Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed plenty of work is already underway for Microsoft's super-console.

Very little is known about the console outside of the hardware specs revealed during Microsoft's press conference – including an 8-core CPU and a whopping 6TFLOPS of power – but in terms of the games that will be coming and what the hardware will look like, much is still left to speculation.

Now, in response to a fan question on Twitter, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has confirmed work is underway on the hardware, games and the platform, which we presume to mean the operating system and user interface.

While initially Phil Spencer said that the Scorpio would not have exclusive games, this was later backtracked and he later confirmed it would be "up to developers" if they want to develop games exclusively for the new console.

Also, all current Xbox One games will be upgraded on the Scorpio, much like PS4 games will get on the rumours PS4 Neo.

With quite a wait until the console launches, hopefully we can expect a bunch of teasers and a solid reveal event ahead of next Christmas.

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