I m not talking car-camping — where the cold beer on ice and an air-conditioned couch are only as far as the nearest parking spot.

The latest offering from Ireland-based Crua Outdoors crua being an Irish word for hard or tough , the Hybrid blends the sheer practicality of a tent with the creature comforts of a hammock and the thermal qualities of a sleeping bag, all in a compact, 7.5 lb package that s designed to sleep one person.

It s very much a hiking-throw-it-in-the-bottom-of-your-backpack product, Crua Outdoors Co-Founder Derek O Sullivan told Digital Trends.

If the ground is really uneven, but there are nearby trees, its hammock mode will let you suspend your bivouac in the air, across a span of up to 16 feet.

The ground-based capability is what differentiates the Crua Hybrid from other products on the market.

While there are great choices for hammock-style tents such as the Tentsile and the Hennessey, and too many ground-based tents to list, O Sullivan insisted the Hybrid is the first to successfully merge the two designs into one.

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