This would be funny if it wasn't worth 31 years of non-existent Brexit NHS funding

There has been yet another delay in the ongoing saga of cash-burning that is the UK s national smart meter initiative.

While the communications infrastructure was due to be switched on today, the £11bn project s turn-on has now been delayed again until September, the BBC has reported.

The Data and Communications Company DCC , which is responsible for providing the communications infrastructure for smart meters readings, is a subsidiary company owned by Crapita often comically referred to as "Capita" by Private Eye , infamous for its outsourcing "successes".

At the moment, Crapita has only managed to complete the design and build phase of the project, and despite plans to have it in operation by April last year, DCC is still testing the system ahead of the new live-date in September this year.

A spokesperson for the subsidiary told The Register: "As indicated by the Department, the timetable for the roll-out of the new infrastructure will allow for testing of the system to ensure that it will deliver a long-lasting and effective system."

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