The Big Red mobile carrier recently floated the idea of preinstalling ads from its various brand partners in exchange for a set, per-device fee, according to AdAge.

To put that in perspective, a single promotion could translate to tens of millions in collective downloads — at last count, Verizon had 75 million postpaid smartphone subscribers, and it commands more than 50 percent of the cellular market.

Said apps would then download automatically after a device was activated to reflect the newest promotions.

Reportedly, it would only be Android device manufacturers at the carrier s mercy — Apple retains significantly autonomy where the iPhones software is concerned.

Verizon began pitching the gatekeeper idea to retail, finance brands, and other commercial sectors in earnest several months ago, but now appears to have reconsidered — it s unclear whether the carrier sold any app installation packages to advertisers, AdAge reported.

An AdAge source called the offering unique among telcos, and an opportunity for brands to launch ephemeral promotions that would potentially gain a wide audience among Verizon s captive audience of subscribers.

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