The 1900s-era origins of the battle for net neutrality, drone footage of Norway s midnight sun set against it s beautiful mountains, Walt Whitman s suggestions for manly health and training and more, in this week s Brain Buffet.

In 1958, serialized in the New York Atlas newspaper, Walt Whitman published a serial column called Manly Health and Training, where he described the best practices for men to live strong, happy, and healthy lives.

Across all of the columns, the whole thing ran to about 50,000 words which we certainly won t include here , but Michael Light, writing for Lucky Peach, tells us the story of Zachary Turpin, a PhD candidate at the University of Houston, who recently reassembled the entire document, not to mention Light s own experiment where he tested the diet and exercise program out for himself—and his results.

Light even explains what his doctor and some other nutritional experts said when he approached them with Whitman s diet and exercise regimen—but among some of the highlights of the plan are:

Paraphrasing Mr. Whitman, here are the basic tenets of the plan:

Eat a large plate of lean, rare beef unadorned with gravy or spices of any kind save a small pinch of salt for every meal.

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