French hosting company has revealed its new data centre resides in a former nuclear fallout shelter.

The company explains that its new bit barn was once a passive defence shelter named Abri Lefebvre built in 1937 atop a disused quarry out in the fifteenth Arrondisement.

In 1946 authorities decided Paris needed to harden up to cope with nuclear weapons.

As's post explains, the bunker fell into dis-use for years and the French government eventually sold the buildings above in 2012. thought there was potential for a data centre so snapped up some of the land.

The post we've linked to above outlines the considerable effort required to turn the bunker into a bit barn: suffice to say there's been digging, remediation of many sorts, waterproofing a-plenty, figuring out what to do with a well that wasn't on the maps, adventures with pre-stressed concrete and lots of graffiti removal.

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