Uber is almost annoyingly convenient if you live in London.

And now the company is adding another feature to make it even easier for the lazy to avoid the long walk to the Tube station.

Now rather than have to load up and hope that there is a car nearby you'll be able to schedule your ride by hitting the, umm, "schedule a ride" button which sits at the bottom of the screen.

Riders will be able to schedule anywhere from 15 minutes in advance to 30 days - making it useful for, say, booking an early morning trip to the airport.

Though beware - just because it is scheduled, it doesn't mean that Uber is introducing fixed fares like you might get in a normal minicab: Rides will still be on Uber's virtual meter priced the same as UberX , and surge pricing will still apply if you book a ride at a busy time.

The other upshot for Uber is presumably that it will enable better predictions about where demand is likely to come from, meaning that the company's algorithms can be better optimised to get more cars where they need to be.

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