Amended complaint outlines alleged takeover attempt

The extraordinary legal fight at Hyperloop One has grown even crazier – with the company claiming former CTO Brogan BamBrogan planned a detailed coup of the business.

An amended complaint PDF filed Wednesday in a Los Angeles court includes several new accusations about cofounder BamBrogan, including the claim that he held secret meetings where he identified staff to poach, sought out investors for a rival company, set up a fake Twitter account to disparate his former employers, and had planned an all-staff meeting when the CEO was out of the country in order to effect a takeover.

BamBrogan claimed, among other things, that the business was mismanaged, focused more on its celebrity status than actual engineering, and was rife with nepotism.

He also claimed to have been physically threatened by the company's general counsel, with a "hangman's noose" left on his chair.

In response, the company provided details of BamBrogan's behavior, accusing him of often being drunk and abusive, acting threateningly toward female workers, and claiming that he quit the company after an attempt to take over the company failed.

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