Memory Lane is now a destination available to you via Google Street View or something like it .

The painstaking work of two developers — Dan Vanderkam and Raven Keller — has yielded a time machine; or at least, the internet s equivalent.

By grabbing all the old pictures from the San Francisco Historical Photograph Collection and placing them atop an interactive map, much like Google Street view, the duo has brought San Francisco circa 19th century to life.

Titled OldSF, this new project lets you zoom in on certain parts of the City by the Bay, whereupon you ll be able to access photos as far back as 1850, and as recent as 2000.

In total, Vanderkam and Keller geocoded some 13,000 images.

And it wasn t an easy feat — if you check out the Collection s website, you ll see that finding its vast database requires considerable effort to trek through though it is well organized .

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