the economics department of stability unit Mikko Spolander and kansanr to lousosa your head of department Markus Sovala.

"If the domestic economy is difficult to predict, so it is even more difficult the commission's action prediction", Sovala assess juncker's speech.

Juncker said the European union's status in the speech that the member states ' debt are still too high, but on the other hand, he said that the need for "intelligent flexibility", so that economic growth would not be compromised.

after That, he said that the stability pact is not a "flexibility agreement".

Spolanderin according to Juncker, president of the can not conclude much, but out of the possible line of the amendment becomes clear only through practice.

Spolander said, however, that what what's more Finland's public debt-to-gdp ratio rises over the EU treaty as defined 60% threshold, the more explaining Finland's.

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