With 500 changes to Google s search algorithm per year, it can be easy for an SEO marketer to go crazy trying to keep up with all the changes!

So, in order to prevent a wave of marketers going to the loony bin although it may be too late for some , I have compiled a guide of the most important SEO factors to keep in mind that if followed, will help reduce the fatigue and stress of those SEO professionals who think they have to know every detail of every algorithm change that has ever happened.

Metrics such as bounce rate, click thru rate, time on site, pages viewed, site authority and latent semantic indexing all play a part in influencing Search Engines to rank a website or not.

Gone are the days of having a crappy keyword stuffed webpage that doesn t provide valuable content rank high in Google.

Social Media Will Continue to Influence Search Results – Social Media is here to stay and the hive mind matters to Google.

Videos will Become More Prominent in the SERPS – We all know that videos represent some of the most engaging content on the web.

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