An American hospital is behind one of 72 complaints lodged with a US watchdog over Pokémon Go – the game in which people with nothing better to do with their lives try to track down virtual animals using smartphones.

We are a small hospital in Oregon and Nintendo Pokemon Go players are descending on our halls and asking to go into private areas to take pictures and get their game points," states one of the gripes, obtained via a Freedom of Information request to the US Federal Trade Commission FTC .

The Oregonian hospital complaint continues: "In the process, they may see our patients in rooms and halls.

Our hospital works to carefully protect patient privacy and is in a dilemma, protect privacy versus public service.

We ask that Nintendo NOT allow hospitals or clinics to listed as sites where anyone may locate a Pokemon target."

This is, however, very far from the first time that the game has led people into unsuitable areas.

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