A gyroplane that will be used to instruct prospective buyers of the PAL-V flying car sits on a runway in Roosevelt, Utah, on Oct. 8, 2016.

Roosevelt, Utah, now has the distinction of being the first city in North America to have a flying car school.

The location was chosen both for its mountainous terrain and concentration of reputable instructors, according to Mark Jennings-Bates, vice president of sales for PAL-V.

During instruction, trainees will be taught to communicate with traffic control, navigate using the vehicle's instrumentation, and maneuver.

Instruction will take place on existing gyroplanes, the same flying technology used by PAL-V's own flying cars.

Unlike helicopters, the blades on a gyroplane are not directly powered by an engine, which means that the gyroplane can't land and takeoff vertically.

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