A high wind in Florida photo: Kim Davis

The theme of the SAP Hybris Americas Summit 2016, said SVP and GM for North America John Gurksi, is to "go beyond," and sure enough that was the summit's main title or tag line.

The summit seemed to cling to the edge of a battered continent, held in a warm but wind-buffeted resort on the South Florida coast, still stormy a few days after Hurricane Matthew had passed through the general vicinity.

Over a few days, I felt buffeted too by the number of ways in which SAP Hybris executives sought to define a single focus for the brand created in 2013 when the German software giant SAP SE acquired the multi-channel eCommerce brand Hybris.

In a meeting with press and analysts, he talked about "simplification and transformation," and in response to my request for clarification said: "There are a range of capability areas and a range of new solutions we're bringing to market, but there's an opportunity help simplify through better unification, integration across the suit, and optimization across the portfolio."

Walker had shown a graphic illustrating the SAP Hybris approach, with experience management "not just digital" as the top layer; beneath that, a strip of capabilities in commerce, marketing, billing, service and sales; a foundation of data management; and at the bottom of heap, platform and infrastructure and integration.

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