Chances are, if you re reading this review on Giz UK, Doctor Strange doesn t need too much introduction: It s the latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, stars Benedict Cumberbatch as the eponymous hero, and is the first film in the series to introduce magic into the canon.

But despite this potentially avant-garde twist, the film never strays too far from the Marvel comfort zone.

Without giving too much away, the film tells the story of Doctor Stephen Strange, a brilliant surgeon whose hands are damaged in a car accident.

Looking for a fix, he travels to Nepal and joins an ancient organisation -- and of course ends up getting embroiled in an inter-dimensional war.

In fact, given the sheer amount of backstory and lore that the film needs to set up, it positively canters through to this point, so that the real action can begin.

This said, as someone who is a staunch rationalist, who believes in empiricism and the scientific method, it does worry me that the film could end up accidentally lending credibility to peddlers of bullshit.

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