the Swedish broadband and digital tv customers are less satisfied than last year.

Those who are satisfied have set ratings on the companies in level with last year, but the people who have had problems with their services have become more dissatisfied than in the past, according to a survey by the Swedish quality index, SKI .

The unhappy have become more.

If the kitchen had previously been the heart of the household so it is now on broadband, we collected and it allows interruption and the like brings great frustration , " says Johan Parmler, ceo of the SKI, in a press release.

According to the investigation, the companies have become better at preventing problems, but customers want to see even more contact and initiatives.

Bredbandsbolaget has received the worse score among retail customers than the previous year, to 56.5 percent, but among corporate customers providing 68,3% high ratings for their services.

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