Innovators and tinkerers come from all walks of life and embark on their creative journeys at all ages.

But it s always the next generation of pioneers who hold the most promise for shaping our future for the better.

Take the bright young class we ve assembled below.

Teaming up with Ford, we ve profiled 20 of the most impressive under-20-year-olds to show you the next generation of the best and brightest innovators.

Among this roster you ll find Autumn Greco, a teenage scientist who is on the verge of publishing research on retinal diseases, and Maya Koneval, who invented a gadget that helps students learn.

While these passionate individuals have a natural interest in the science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics STEAM fields, it s their hard work and dedication that has pushed them to succeed in making a name for themselves ― all before reaching the age of 20.

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