Following Donald J. Trump s unfathomable electoral victory last week, Facebook found itself spastically and fruitlessly defending itself from claims it helped produce the outcome with its feed full of fake news.

According to CNN, the New York Times, the Washington Post—hell, even Fox News—Hillary Clinton won the popular vote.

But if you ask Google, one of the first results to pop up is a WordPress website called 70news that bears the headline Final election 2016 numbers: Trump won both popular 62.9 m -62.2 m and electoral college votes 306-232 … Hey, scrap your loony petition now!

The website, if the headline or the weird name didn t make it clear, is not a legitimate news source.

One of its tabs is devoted solely to Hillary Clinton s health, and the copy of the story is full of SEO plays and nonsense maps.

It also carries the following update at the top:

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