in 2017, the ABCI to be finished in Japan and then become the world's most powerful supercomputer.

Japan plans to build world's most powerful, and energy efficient computer, which will be completed already next year.

With the processing power of the entire 130 petaflops will the supercomputer then to beat the current emperor chinese Sunway TaihuLight on 93 petaflops.

It is Japan's industrial technology and research institute National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology working on building not only the world's most powerful supercomputer, but also the most energy efficient.

the Goal is that it should not take more than 3 megawatts, an incredibly low number if you compare with Sunway TaihuLight that draws more than 15 MW.

the Project goes under the name of AI Bridging the Cloud Infrastructure to ABCI, and will be used in the research of AI.

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