However, according to Jonathan Greechan, co-founder of the Silicon Valley incubator The Founder Institute, that mission is purely driven by economics, and it completely shortchanges the way their product makes people feel.

When attempting to gain media coverage, raise funding or simply attract the best talent out there, the temptation might be to focus on your product or service, trying to explain what it is you are doing better than anyone else.

However, with the startup ecosystem becoming so cluttered, to really stand out from the crowd it is who your company features, and why you are going to make a difference, which you need to place in front of your audience.

This is one of the reasons that the media lap him up, because he artistically turns the -- albeit valuable -- problems he is solving into huge global issues which everyone can empathize with.

Gaining media coverage is an important step in scaling your company, putting your great ideas and products in front of millions of potential new clients and investors.

Certainly not because it was a globally newsworthy event -- co-working spaces are ten a penny -- but because of the big mission which he communicated to the press.

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